Powerful cultural and technological forces:

Digital assets and blockchain networks are disruptive innovations that will fundamentally reshape the global financial system.  Blockchain is expanding the boundaries of computer science and economics, enabling a new design space for an open and decentralized internet.  

  • Loss of consumer trust in governments and corporations
  • Decentralized networks unlocking new economic activity and human behavior using the principals of game theory
  • Upending the foundational concept of money as software eats the world with radical consequences for financial services

Crypto as an asset class:

As an emerging asset class, digital assets present significant structural inefficiencies that investors can benefit from due to:

  • Highly fragmented markets with weak price discovery
  • Globally distributed 24/7 trading
  • Large retail driven trade volume
  • High market volatility
  • Rapid pace of innovation and increasingly complex ecosystem of financial products
  • Evolving regulatory landscape allowing for regulatory arbitrage